Grindaix receives Top100 award!

On 19 June 2020, Grindaix GmbH was awarded the Top 100 Innovation Award. For the second time, the Grindaix GmbH is one of the leaders of the 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany.

For more than 25 years, TOP 100 is the only benchmarking for innovation management in Germany and is accompanied and supported by well-known personalities from business, science and politics. In the independent selection process, the Grindaix GmbH convinced the demanding jurors especially in the design of the "innovation processes", i.e. the organisation of the innovations..

This year, unfortunately, no award ceremony could take place on site, so the Grindaix GmbH received an interesting movie.



As a spin-off of the renowned RWTH Aachen University, the Grindaix GmbH started years ago developing and selling product solutions to avoid waste in the use of operating materials in industrial production.

Employees of the Grindaix company thus developed a modular and easily scalable data acquisition system for the simple but professional digitisation of older existing machines in industrial production facilities within a very short time. The technicians and engineers did not specialize in one industry, but the digital monitoring system can be used generically and successfully in all industries.

"We say thank you!"

We, the whole Grindaix team, are very happy about this honourable award. We thank our customers for their initial courage and their willingness to use our innovative developments.


                                                                                  Dr.-Ing. Dirk Friedrich with Eva Friedrich.


We will not rest on our laurels. Many more new products are already planned for 2020/21, and we are currently working intensively on making them ready for production. In addition to new developments within the framework of a fully automated cooling lubricant system control based on artificial intelligence, we are constantly optimizing our in-house test benches and testing facilities to maintain the highly innovative character of our products and services in the field of integrative cooling lubricant management.

You can be excited about our new developments.

About TOP100

TOP100 is the only innovation competition in Germany that honors the innovation management and innovation success of a company. This means that TOP100 does not award single products, but rather examines all stages of the innovation process. The winners receive the TOP100 seal only if their performance matches the high quality standards of the innovation competition.