Your Lubricoolant System Monitoring Technology as an All-In Package

Product Advantages
  • Sensor-neutral signal monitoring device
  • Measurement data display
  • Recording of measurement data
  • Monitoring of measurement data (static limit values)
  • Warning and error signal output (signal lamp)
  • Very easy to configure
  • Self-explanatory installation
  • Your Industry 4.0 system
  • Subsequent expansion possibilities
    - additional sensors
    - additional machines

The increasing digitalization of production systems is also leading to the networking of components within lubricoolant system technology.

The Cooling Monitoring Pad acts as a central unit in combination with the Coolant Condition Guard as well as your chosen sensor technology to form a modern and complete lubricoolant monitoring system.

As a central monitoring device, it allows you to display, record and monitor any desired sensor signals – for your entire lubricoolant supply technology.

You define the upper and lower limit values depending on the sensor signal. Insofar as the sensor signal leaves the permitted signal range, the Coolant Monitoring Pad is able to emit an optical warning via a signal tower in your central production monitoring control centre.

Coolant-Monitoring-System product video:

  • local data storage in CSV format
  • interfaces: 1x ethernet port, 2x USB 2.0
  • connections for control signals: enable signal, ready, error
  • signal outputs for status messages to a control unit and/or signal tower
  • 7" TFT touch panel

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