Cleaning Lubricoolant Pipe Systems

In cooperation with our partner, the company Hamann GmbH, we can clean your lubricoolant system pipes – without chemicals, professionally and effectively!

The Comtrex process

Your lubricoolant pipe systems are cleaned mechanically using an air/water mixture without the addition of chemicals. In a pipeline section, namely the segment between two shut-off valves, the water initially has a slow, laminar flow before leaving again at the exit point. We make use of the existing water and introduce filtered air in pulses via the entry point. In this way, packages of air and water blocks form which flow through the pipeline section at a high speed of between 10 and 20 m/s. Deposits are removed effectively. The discharge is filtered.

These highly accelerated air/water packages generate powerful turbulences with strong shear and drag forces. In this way, deposits in your lubricoolant pipes are mobilized and carried away reliably. Even pipelines made of plastic can be cleaned reliably and carefully, as the standby pressure is not exceeded at any time. Any pressure surges are sufficiently absorbed by the “air blocks” in the pipeline.


  1. On-site analysis by customer advisor
  2. Technical implementation planning
  3. Quotation incl. checklists for object detection and, where necessary, preparatory (conversion) measures
  4. On-site implementation of the cleaning measure

Your advantages:

  • Low effort
  • No disassembly,
  • No chemicals, purely mechanical cleaning,
  • Universal use in various areas,
  • Enormously scalable to suit practically every system,
  • Improved hygienic conditions, minimized biocide use,
  • Minimum standstill times, extended service intervals,
  • Increased process reliability.

We clean your lubricoolant systems – simply yet effectively!

Prerequisites for the cleaning process

  • Access to the pipe system.
  • Shut-off valves in place (to protect your machines from contamination).
  • Rinse water supply and wastewater disposal in place.
  • Space for Comprex® unit (12m²/ also possible outside).
  • Adapter connections for entry and exit point.
  • Pipe system has been emptied prior to the start of cleaning.