What is a Coolant Audit?

At grindaix we have found a way of preventing the waste of lubricoolants in metal processing within your existing and planned production systems (machines, lubricoolant filtration, lubricoolant cooling systems etc.): we call it the Coolant Audit.

More precisely this is a technical, economic and environmental analysis for a new design or a retrofit to your existing lubricoolant system units. We have focused on machine tools and lubricoolant filtration systems. Machine tool-related audits are known as "COOLANT AUDIT M!". Similarly, filter-related audits are referred to as "COOLANT AUDIT F!"

The objectives of every audit:

to analyse the technical improvement potential of your machines and plant in respect of

  • Increased productivity (machines: cycle time, output; lubricoolant filtration systems: cleaning performance)
  • Reduced energy consumption (kWh/CO2)
  • Improved manufacturing quality (machines: reduced rejection rate due to abrasive burning; filtration systems: specific achievable lubricoolant purities)

We achieve these goals by showing you how much lubricoolant is really needed in your application. The results of a coolant audit can be striking. We provide you the special engineering you need to equip or retrofit your machine/plant, including parts list.

Measurable benefits for you?

  • more robust, smaller lubricoolant system components
  • minimised energy consumption costs
  • minimised waste (quantity l/min reduced)
  • more stable production processes (tool and part cooling)