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In our grindaix magazine, we regularly publish interesting articles around grinding. We not only deal with the aspects of lubricoolant supply during grinding, but rather integrate them into the overall context of this complex processing task. In addition to the technical basics, our articles always contain valuable tips from our many years of experience. We always know what we are talking about, because we create our magazine articles based on our own experience and knowledge.

Whether you are interested in grinding or searching for specific information, in our Grindaix magazine there is an interesting article for every reader.

Our technical contributions

Types of lubricoolant

In addition to emulsions of various concentrations, in which various additives are used, the use of grinding oils is also familiar. The areas of application, advantages and disadvantages, as well as the most important selection criteria for cooling lubricants have been put together for you.

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CNC grinding machines

rinding machines are state-of-the-art machining centers that are indispensable for producing a perfect surface finish today. By using computer-aided CNC controls, these high-performance machines also work completely automatically.

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Frequent problems during grinding

Although grinding is a widely used manufacturing process, it is complex and in many places it carries the risk of making mistakes, with an effect on efficiency and component quality in all cases. What should be considered in detail and what are actually the most common mistakes when grinding, you can read here.

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Lubricoolant filtration facilities

The filtration is a crucial part of the coolant supply with great influence on the manufacturing results and the efficiency. We have described and compared the usual filtration methods for lubricoolant.

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Cooling during grinding

Grinding creates a great amount of heat, which occurs due to process-related friction. This heat must be dissipated reliably, which is why grinding processes require reliable cooling. What is important here, you can look up here.

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Lubricoolant tubes

Coolant hoses are common for conducting coolant in the machine tool. However, not all types of hoses are suitable for every application. We provide an overview of the possibilities of coolant supply with coolant hoses.

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Lubricoolant supply

The need to supply grinding processes with lubricoolant is easy to understand. But what are the tasks of the coolant and exactly what are the challenges in the coolant lubricant supply?

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Cleaning lubricoolants

Why do lubricoolants have to be cleaned and what possibilities exist for this task? What should be considered and where are potentials in increasing efficiency? Read this and other interesting facts about cleaning lubricoolants here.

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Grinding burn

Thermal edge zone damage due to microstructural changes - commonly known as grinding burn. We explain the material-technical background and give first approaches for the prevention of grinding burns.

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Grinding parts


Why are components ground and what are the options? For which cases is a grinding necessary? These questions are dealt with in our article "Grinding of components"

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Correct cooling

Cool the grinding process properly! That's easier said than done. We have put together what you need to know about the various parameters and which supply solutions are suitable or unsuitable.

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Grinding wheels

The grinding wheel is the tool inside the grinding machine. How a grinding wheel is structured, how it works and what must be taken into account when selecting and performing grinding wheels, you can look up here.

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