Efficient Air Filters – for Clean Air in your Production Environment!

Product Advantages
  • effective extraction performance: up to 1,200 m³/h (expandable in a modular way up to 7,200 m³/h)
  • direct installation on the machine possible
  • very low energy consumption through optional EC technology 

The AC 3000 air filter for oil and emulsion mist extraction is characterized by its compact design, and may be mounted on the machine directly. Furthermore, it is available either with 1-stage or with 2-stage electrostatic cleaning. It may fitted with appropriately adapted pre-filters for cleaning coarse impurities and for extending tool life.

The pre-filters are integrated in the housing and the filter inserts are completely washable. The filter cells have a universal design and may be used both for oil as well as emulsion. 

The energy consumption of the AC3000 the oil and emulsion mist filter is very low. Furthermore, the filters may be fitted with EC blowers, which are characterised by very good efficiency. In a 2-shift operation with approx. 4,000 operating hours per year, the use of EC blowers leads to a return on investment after 1.3 years or after 5,400 operating hours. The electronics are completely integrated in the air filter; no special control cabinet is necessary. The AC 3000 air filter has a very good separating efficiency (> 99 %), and with only < 70 dB (A) it is ultra quiet.

Our cooperation partner for oil and emulsion filters is LTA Lufttechnik GmbH.

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