Coolant Box - more than a pressure boosting station

Product Advantages
  • Optimal supply to all lubricoolant exit points/consumers for your machines
  • Minimal lubricoolant consumption
  • Fully automated pump regulation per nozzle, process setting and cycle
  • Most productive supply to cutting point
  • Most efficient supply to ancillary equipment
  • Automatic alignment of all lubricoolant exit points (volume, exit speed)
  • Individual settings can be made for specific consumers
  • incl. Coolant Controller control module
  • incl. control unit connection (machine tool)
  • Correctly dimensioned pumps with frequency regulation

Depending on the specific processing situation, very different requirements may be present for the supply of lubricoolant in machine tools. At the cutting point, a high exit speed is required and e.g. for bed rinsing a high level of purification is needed. In all cases, the volume flow of lubricoolant should be as low as possible.

The interplay of all lubricoolant exit points/nozzles, their correct consumption data and an associated supply of pressure is the key to success, and not simply regulating the lubricoolant pressure at the machine intake. The pressure at your lubricoolant exit points and the resultant exit parameters (pressure/volume flow/exit speed) are the deciding factors that need to be known.Only with this data can the lubricoolant supply be robust and planned.

Frequency-regulated pumps can be used to manually adjust the lubricoolant supply to specific requirements (p, Q, exit speed) of the different processes, to set it for individual consumers or indeed to respond to the control system by varying the supply. The Coolant Box is a plug-and-play solution: standardised connections with quick-change systems, flexibly positionable, for all oils and emulsions.

Control of the Coolant Box is fully automatic, provided by the Coolant Controller control module. It enables you to set the value of a volume flow or an exit speed for each separate lubricoolant nozzle to suit what the machine is doing at the moment. Be it for dressing, grinding, bed rinsing or indeed drilling, milling or turning, our pumps are controlled appropriately and deliver only what is required, running at the most energy-efficient rotating speed. This makes your processes more robust and saves money!

We determine the needs of your individual machines using a Coolant Audit. This enables us to dimension the Coolant Box such that your scope of application is entirely covered and yet without waste.

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