Lubricoolant Ultra-Fine and Protection Filtration. Nothing Gets Past Us!

Product Advantages
  • exact determination of requirements for your filtration solution
  • filters only as fine as necessary
  • economic comparison
  • automatic backwashing
  • absolute filtration quality – not only nominal
  • tested safety according to EN standard
  • for all common oils and emulsions

Based on a Coolant Audit, we completely design your lubricoolant ultra-fine and protection filtration according to your economic and technological specifications. To do so, we measure lubricoolant impurities on site at your company and use professional analyses methods to determine the degree of contamination with respect to percentage by mass and particle distribution. We place value on informative analysis methods which can be compared to each other.

After that, we work together with our cooperation partners to select the protection or ultra-fine filter which is the most efficient for you. In so doing, we ensure that differential pressures are designed according to requirements, as every bar of unnecessary pressure loss counts! The fact that the cleanliness of your lubricoolant is at the forefront of considerations goes without saying.

The filters are available in different sizes. We look forward to your enquiry!

Our cooperation partners for these products are PALL Corporation and Mahle Filtersysteme GmbH.

Mahle Simplex/Duplex Filters pdf 227 KB download
Pall Pocket Guide pdf 8.467 KB download

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