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Product Advantages
  • Reduction of grinding burn risk
  • High lubricoolant exit speed
  • Increase in productivity
  • Low lubricoolant requirement
  • Additionally cleans the grinding wheel
  • Extends tool life
  • Improves the grinding results and parameters

During machining operations, cooling of the machining site is very important, as it effectively prevents, thereby improving the surface quality and increasing tool life. However, the loobricoolant which is necessary for cooling cannot always be guided directly from the outside to the machining site. This may be the case, for instance, if the required space is not available or if the production process does not permit it.

In such cases, good cooling may be achieved by transporting the lubricoolant in the grinding wheel pores to the grinding site. Your lubricoolant specialists from the Grindaix team have developed Grindaix nozzles for this purpose. These saturate the grinding wheel bond in a targeted way.

With the dual nozzle technology from Grindaix, centralized lubricoolant supply to one nozzle in the low pressure range (<25bar) achieves cleaning of the grinding process, saturation of the free pore spaces and cooling. This multifunctional Grindaix nozzle is simply positioned above the grinding gap. This minimizes the need for adjustment as the diameter of the grinding wheel decreases. Using our flexible articulated metal tube system (gFlex), this dual nozzle may be mounted simply and flexibly almost anywhere in the machine space.

 Here, too, our Grindaix nozzles, including the relevant characteristic curve and the necessary design adjustments to suit your boundary conditions, are all included in the price.  Lubricoolant supply achieved by saturating the grinding wheel offers the following benefits:

+Reduction of grinding burn risk
+Longer tool life
+Productivity increase for your production
+Improved surface quality
+Lower lubricoolant requirement

Grindaix nozzles are suitable for use with both emulsion and oil.

We can find the suitable nozzle solution for all production processes!

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Examples of coolant nozzles for saturation

Gear honing

Itemnumber: ND-SK-1345

Product advantages:

  • the honing ring is reliably freed of loading chips
  • the work gear is freed of chips
  • the free pores of the grinding wheel are filled with lubricoolant
  • flexible positioning via the articulated metal joint system "gFlex"


We offer a Grindaix dual nozzle for gear honing. “Dual” means that this nozzle fulfils two tasks. On the one hand, the assembled high-pressure nozzles clean the honing ring with lubricoolant and reliably remove loading chips; on the other, the free pores in the honing ring are saturated with lubricoolant. The lubricoolant is transported via the rotational movement of the honing ring into the machining zone. This nozzle is available for all honing ring geometries and is suitable for operation using a screw spindle pump (40 bar) or a centrifugal pump (20 bar). For mounting we recommend the articulated metal joint system "gFlex" (positional stability and flexibility)..