How pure is your lubricoolant really? How pure should it be?

Product Advantages
  • Greater purity of lubricoolant! Only as good as it needs to be - to suit requirements and to be energy-efficient.
  • Professional statement of whether your existing lubricoolant filtration system is adequate for your dirt load
  • Exact information about your current and possible future filtration operating costs
  • Test filtrations (enabling you to test whether it is worth your while improving your lubricoolant purity)
  • Includes delivery and collection, set-up and commissioning
  • Designed to suit your dirt load and provision of suitable filter inserts for your purity requirements
  • For hire by the week

Do you have to keep improving the surface quality you obtain?
Are your lubricoolant system aggregates blocking up and becoming contaminated too often?
Are your pumps wearing out too quickly?

Help is at hand... The key to clean lubricoolant is not necessarily a large and expensive filtration plant. What matters is the correct filtration process for your dirt load.

So what is the correct filtration process for your application?
What is your current level of lubricoolant purity and what level is necessary for you to achieve your objectives?

The grindaix team gives you professional answers to your questions and can lend you low-cost filtration systems so that you can test whether a higher lubricoolant purity would have beneficial effects on your process objectives.

Test filtration systems from grindaix are designed for single machines or smaller machine groups so that these can be isolated from “contaminated lubricoolant”. The filter inserts provided are selected to suit your production processes and dirt loads. If it turns out that the improvements you seek are obtained from the test, you would benefit from investing in a larger lubricoolant system.

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