Lubricoolant Flow Measurement Equipment – Always Know how much Lubricoolant is Flowing!

Product Advantages
  • precise manual reading
  • lubricoolant-tested - for oils and emulsions
  • robust in application and easy to assemble
  • may be used for all flow directions

The measuring device TSK1 is suitable for the flow measurement of liquid products in pipelines. One particular advantage is that it can be used for all flow directions. The current flow rate is shown in volume or mass per unit of time. Application areas: flow measurement, metering, monitoring, setting and control. Due to its design, it is suitable for processes under difficult and rough operating conditions. For process monitoring and control, the devices are available with additional auxiliary electrical components.

The measuring facility consists of a measuring valve in sandwich design (installation length: 64 mm) which is suitable for installation between flanges. The rotatable measuring flap with return spring is located in the measuring valve. The measuring flap is fastened on one axis with a permanent magnet fitted on the front face. The torsion caused by the measuring valve is transmitted via the axis magnets to the opposing magnet system and activates the indicator device.

The lubricoolant measuring devices are available in different sizes. We look forward to your enquiry!

Our cooperation partner for these products is Heinrichs Messtechnik GmbH.

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