Cooling lubricant pressure control - Retrofit kit for existing machines

Product Advantages
  • High-precision and infinitely variable coolant pressure control for all machine tool types
  • Compensation of pressure fluctuations and pressure shocks
  • Robust processes due to constant KSS conditions
  • Savings in the supply of coolant
  • Including KSS valve technology and pressure sensor for self-installation
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By means of a pressure control valve, the pressure upstream of the machine is controlled to a constant value independent of the requested volume flow. The pressure can be adjusted individually to the requirements of the machine or a nozzle (process/cutting speeds/etc.).

With the pressure control valve, constant conditions and reproducible processes can be ensured on the machines. In addition, the coolant supply on the machines can be individually adjusted to the respective processes and cooling lubricant can be saved.

The Grindaix coolant pressure control system takes over the complete pressure control task for you. The system uses a freely programmable parameter memory for the setpoint value of the pressure control. This parameter memory can be filled independently by you via an easy to use teach function and offers space for a total of 9 coolant pressure supply scenarios. We would be pleased to accompany you through the commissioning at your site. The pressure control valve also offers the possibility of opening completely. The parameter "0" is already reserved for this.

The pressure parameters are simply switched over manually via a selector switch. Optionally, the changeover can also be carried out externally via the machine tool. Just contact us for this!

The KSS pressure control system shows you the current operating status (control active / setpoint reached) via two indicator lights. In addition, the currently measured pressure can be easily displayed via the Coolant Display, which is available separately. This is simply plugged into the connector provided for this purpose on the front of the pressure control unit. If the pressure sensor is linked to a nozzle, the Coolant Display also shows the associated coolant outlet speed and volume flow.

  • Retrofit kit for existing machines for self-installation, including valve and control technology
  • Valves available for KSS volume flows up to 100 l/min or up to 405 l/min
  • Power supply 24VDC / 2.5 A (optionally with plug-in power supply unit)
  • A total of 9 pressure supply scenarios can be stored
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