Efficient Lubricoolant Pressure Supply – Optimum Pump Sizes for your Machine Tools

Product Advantages
  • needs-based pump selection
  • stationary and/or frequency-controlled
  • all commcon pump types
  • maximum robustness in lubricoolant operation

At grindaix we know the exact lubricoolant requirements of your machine tools. Based on this knowledge, we are able to design the pressure supply technology efficiently. This saves you unnecessary waste with overdimensioning or avoids undersupply of your machining site and associated thermal damage of your parts. We supply all common lubricoolant pump technologies for low-pressure and high-pressure applications, and naturally also in combination with our grindaix nozzles. 

Would you like to know whether a frequency-controlled pump is the right choice for your technical application? We would be happy to answer this question. Following a Coolant Audit, we select the pump that is suitable for your applications and calculate the return on investment period. In so doing, we take into account the configuration of your central units as well as pressure boosting stations on individual machines or machine groups.

The pumps are available in different sizes. We look forward to your enquiry!

Our cooperation partner for these products is Grundfos GmbH.

Coolant Supply Systems - Pressure Supply pdf 181 KB download

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