Lubricoolant Pressure Equipment – Always Know the Current Pressure

Product Advantages
  • high reference precision +/- 0.075 % of the calibrated measuring width
  • long-term stability
  • high measuring width ratio (100:1)
  • continuous self-diagnostic function
  • automatic ambient temperature compensation
  • error mode process function
  • measuring overpressure and absolute pressure
  • EEPROM write protection

The KOBOLD pressure transmitter of the type PAS is a high performance transmitter based on a microprocessor with flexible pressure calibration and flexible output. It has automatic compensation of ambient temperature and process variables. The HART protocol may be used to communicate with the device and to configure various parameters. All sensor data is fed into the EEPROM, where it is modified and saved. 

The electronic module consists of a sealed circuit board inside a case. The transmitter consists of a microprocessor control unit, as well as an analogue, an LCD and a connection module.

The sensors are available in various sizes. We look forward to your enquiry! 

Our cooperation partner for these products is Heinrichs Messtechnik GmbH.

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