Lubricoolant Dual Nozzles - Two Functions - One Nozzle

Düse für das Flachschleifen Grindaix GmbH
Product Advantages
  • Cooling and cleaning at the same time
  • Only one nozzle necessary
  • Space-saving
  • Combination of several functions
  • Only one lubricoolant supply line necessary
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Düse für das Flachschleifen Grindaix GmbH

With our special Grindaix Dual Nozzles, it is possible to clean the machining site efficiently, while at the same time ensuring sufficient lubricoolant supply to the grinding process in order to effectively cool the machining site.

Just before the machining site, clogging on the surface of the grinding wheel is eliminated and the free pores are filled with lubricoolant. The Dual Nozzles are suitable for use with both oil and emulsion. The nozzle profile can be supplied for all worm wheel and gearwheel geometries.

The Dual Nozzle can be used during various grinding processes, such as surface, profile and generating grinding. Thanks to the rotary motion of the cylindrical worm, the lubricoolant is then guided into the machining site. The combination of cleaning and cooling has several advantages for the grinding process:

  1. Unwanted foreign particles are rinsed out of the grinding wheels at high pressure before the machining site.
  2. Free pores are filled with fresh lubricoolant.
  3. More lubricoolant enters the machining site (better cooling results).

The Grindaix Dual Nozzles are equipped with needle nozzles and special cleaning nozzles.

By means of the needle nozzles, the lubricoolant enters the machining site in a targeted way and with a high exit speed (dependent on the grinding process). The cleaning nozzles are optimally aligned to the grinding wheel, thoroughly rinsing away impurities from the workpiece and/or grinding wheel. The Dual Nozzles may be aligned with the aid of the Cooolant Pointer. This is positioned on the provided holders and allows very precise setting of the needle nozzles. Precise alignment is important, so that the lubricoolant jet enters the machining site and does not end up in the lubricoolant cycle in an unused state. For more information, please consult our flyer (pdf). Should you have any questions on our Dual Nozzle technology, our lubricoolant specialists would be more than happy to help.

The combination of Dual Nozzle functions at a glance:

  • Cooling & cleaning

Available for the following processes:

  • Surface grinding
  • Profile grinding
  • Generating grinding
  • Cylindrical Grinding

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Lubricoolant Dual Nozzles

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Product advantages:

  • low lubricoolant requirement
  • high lubricoolant exit speed
  • cleaning of the grinding wheel


This dual nozzle achieves cooling and cleaning rolled into one. Grindaix needle nozzles ensure a high lubricoolant exit speed, so that the lubricoolant enters into the machining zone reliably and provides sufficient cooling. In addition, several lubricoolant high-pressure nozzles are used which avoid loading of the grinding wheel. This leads to improved grinding results on the one hand and to an increase in the service life of the grinding wheel on the other. For optimum positioning of the lubricoolant supply nozzles we recommend our Coolant Pointer.

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