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Product Advantages
  • no thermal component damage
  • increased tool life
  • reduction in coolant requirements
  • higher productivity
  • optimization of pump size/type
  • smaller lubricoolant filtration facilities
  • smaller lubricoolant cooling systems
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Düse zum Tränken Grindaix GmbHDüse zum Kühlen Grindaix GmbH

Greater precision, easier, better: Our Grindaix nozzles are not catalogue goods, but individually adapted coolant nozzles precisely customized to the particular machine. We provide nozzles for all production processes. With the Grindaix nozzle, the lubricoolant is supplied to the machining site in a targeted way – always metered precisely and based on needs! The coolant exits the nozzle at high speed, so that it reaches the machining site with maximum efficiency. The use of our Grindaix nozzles effectively avoids grinding burn on your parts!

When optimizing your machine tool with Grindaix nozzles, tool life can be increased by up to 30%. Furthermore, the cycle time and the productivity of your production can be optimized.

We develop customized nozzle solutions – even for your individual application! Our engineering services are already included in the price and are not invoiced separately. We adapt lubricoolant supply systems to your needs – both with respect to the application and the process.
We also take into account the part geometry, volume flow, pressure and exit speed of the coolant. Every Grindaix nozzle has a specific characteristic curve, which allows us to adjust all the parameters precisely to your process.

Not only new machines may be fitted with Grindaix nozzles. Your existing machines can also be retrofitted and optimized by the Grindaix team. It is even worth converting older machines, as a return on investment is mostly achieved within a short time and at the latest after 12 months. Our very durable nozzles are suitable for the use of both oil as well as emulsion.

Besides needle nozzles in standard designs, which we have on stock for you, we can also offer the design and production of a Grindaix nozzle as a special design in most cases.

Our specialists look forward to receiving your inquiry!

  • High lubricoolant exit speed
  • Targeted supply to the machining site
  • All profile-adapted nozzle types may be
    supplied for all production processes
  • Optimum lubricoolant use with respect
    to pressure, flow rate, exit speed
  • Reduction in filtration volume
  • Reduction in tool wear
  • Increase in productivity
  • Avoidance of waste
  • Improvement of your CO2 balance

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Examples of coolant nozzles for cooling

Centreless grinding

Itemnumber: ND-SK-408-3668

Product advantages:

  • requirements-based lubricoolant supply to the entire machining zone
  • reduction of grinding burn and tool wear
  • up to 70% lubricoolant savings
  • available for every grinding geometry


This is our all-round nozzle for targeted lubricoolant supply, here in a special design with 4 Grindaix nozzles aligned next to each other. This unique structure allows us to provide an efficient solution with many additional features for a centreless grinding process. Besides a supply range of 400mm, other elements implemented in the needle nozzles include variable flow control of the nozzles, four pressure intakes as well as compressed air supply to “blow out” the lubricoolant residues. This resulted in the generation of a highly variable, flexibly adjustable, monitorable and easy-to-use nozzle. The supply width can of course also be adapted to your production task. As an additional feature, the nozzle was equipped with an air baffle which diverts the air flow of the grinding wheel away from the machining zone. From experience, we know that we can reduce your lubricoolant consumption usually by around 70% during centreless grinding.

Ring gear / Bevel gear grinding

Itemnumber: ND-SK-30-3249

Product advantages:

  • reliable lubricoolant supply to the grinding wheel sides
  • Requirements-based lubricoolant exit speed
  • Avoidance of grinding burn
  • Compact design


Our Grindaix nozzle combination for bevel gear / ring gear grinding efficiently improves the lubricoolant supply of your grinding process. To achieve the desired part properties, it is of utmost priority during the hard-fine machining of gears to avoid grinding burn and to achieve an optimum grinding result (dimension, geometry, position). Our Grindaix nozzle for cooling the bevel gear grinding process applies the lubricoolant tangentially to the grinding wheel and thereby optimally conveys the lubricoolant right into the machining zone. A second Grindaix nozzle cleans the grinding wheel highly effectively to remove loading chips and thus clears enough pore space for transporting the lubricoolant into the grinding gap.

Gear tooth profile grinding

Itemnumber: ND-SK-60-3514

Product advantages:

  • precise supply to the grinding wheel sides
  • even lubricoolant supply across the entire wheel profile
  • compact design
  • adaptable to every grinding wheel geometry


In gear tooth profile grinding, lubricoolant supply is a decisive success factor, as a sufficient supply to the machining zones on both tooth flanks as well as that on the tooth root must be ensured at all times. To achieve this, the lubricoolant in the grinding wheel pores is transported into the contact area. Our Grindaix nozzles for gear tooth profile grinding enable precise metering of the lubricoolant; the high exit speed of the lubricoolant ensures good saturation of the grinding wheel. To achieve precise positioning of the nozzles, we recommend our Grindaix gFlex articulated metal tube system. Moreover, the use of a high-pressure cleaning nozzle for flushing the grinding wheel pores renders your lubricoolant supply more robust and reliable.

Internal cylindrical grinding

Itemnumber: ND-SK-18-2875

Product advantages:

  • significant reduction of grinding burn risk
  • increase in productivity
  • compact dimensions
  • optimum lubricoolant supply to difficult-to-access machining zones


Solution for optimum process cooling. A particular challenge was posed by the very confined space available for mounting the lubricoolant nozzles. Due to the simultaneous machining of 6 cage bores and the corresponding arrangement of the wheelheads, a special solution had to be found. With the aid of a specially adapted nozzle geometry and the mounting of the nozzles on the wheelheads, we achieved a reliable supply even to the difficult-to-access machining zones.

Internal cylindrical grinding

Itemnumber: ND-Sk-122-189

Düse zum Innenrundschleifen Grindaix GmbH

Product advantages:

  • Targeted supply to the contact zone
  • Even lubricoolant supply across the entire contact length
  • Reduction of grinding burn risk
  • improved cooling


Internal cylindrical grinding, in particular, presents challenges in terms of lubricoolant supply. Due to the very confined space between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, only very little room remains for the lubricoolant supply nozzles, even though optimum lubricoolant supply is essential here. For this process, our Grindaix experts developed the robust yet filigree Grindaix nozzles for internal cylindrical grinding. We offer these nozzles either produced by 3D printing or by conventional means. The lean design and the use of specially curved nozzle needles guarantee a targeted and needs-based lubricoolant supply right into all depths of your internal cylindrical grinding process. We would also be happy to optimize your internal cylindrical grinding process with suitable lubricoolant supply from the Grindaix team.

Tool grinding

Itemnumber: ND-SK-

Grindaix GmbH Werkzeugschleifen Düse

Product advantages:

  • Optimum lubricoolant supply in spite of complex geometries
  • Individual adjustments to your process
  • Increase in product quality
  • Reduction of lubricoolant supply


Due to complex part geometries (e.g. the grooves of a thread tap) and the associated change in contact areas, tool grinding places high demands on lubricoolant supply. By means of a nozzle individually customized to your process, we achieve a sufficient supply to all relevant grinding wheel areas. At the same time, the precisely metered lubricoolant supply of our nozzles usually allows us to achieve a reduction in lubricoolant consumption. With our Grindaix nozzles for tool grinding, you can improve both productivity and quality. One of our nozzle solutions for tool grinding is shown in detail in the following product video:

Product video:

Production process of a nozzle

1 Sending geometrical and process performance data

Send us your process and machine information (process data, machining geometry, lubricoolant supply, available space, etc.).

2 Offer and design proposal

Based on your individual requirements, we will generate a design proposal for the nozzles as well as an appropriate offer.

3 Drawing check and release by customer

You check our design proposal, release it for production and place an order with us for the required nozzle.

4 Production, assembly and delivery of the nozzles

We produce and assemble all components and send you the ordered nozzles, including the relevant nozzle characteristic curve, by the agreed delivery date.