"Which filtration system is right when?"
"What is the best way to filter which dirt load?"
"So how clean does my lubricoolant have to be?"

We provide unbiased and professional support for the design and selection of suitable lubricoolant filtration systems. The grindaix team can give professional answers to all questions about your existing or planned lubricoolant filtration system.

Performance test for single and central systems

Whether you have a decentralised solution or a central lubricoolant system, our practical Coolant Audit F tests the performance of your existing plant, on the basis of which we can establish whether your lubricoolant filtration system is over- or under-dimensioned.

We are also here for you when you need technical remedial action - whether this be additions to existing plant or new purchase. Here we offer you a cost comparison of filtration systems suitable for your application in terms of technical, financial (€) and, at your request, environmental (CO2) factors. Don’t try to compare apples with pears - and don’t be fobbed off with inadequate answers. We give you unbiased, professional support to enable you to reach a functioning system at minimum expense.

Procedure for a Coolant Audit F

1 Visit to your production environment

Our technicians will visit you with a complete measurement system and analyze your filtration tasks (dirt load, purity level etc.) on site.

2 Drawing up specifications

We draw up a selection of all filtration principles under consideration, incl. lubricoolant cooling systems, and check that they can be structurally integrated into your production environment.

3 Call for tenders

We will carry out the entire tendering process on your behalf, based on the specific requirements of your lubricoolant filtration system (specifications). The call for tenders is carried out anonymously.

4 Investment benchmark

Comparison of all tenders submitted in technical, economic and environmental terms, incl. tender assessment and creation of a ranking table.