Correct filtration of cooling lubricants - We put your filtration system through its paces!

Many problems in production can originate from the coolant filtration system, because filtration systems for cooling lubricant are complex system components of an industrial production and take over a considerable share of the production quality and reliability.

  • Are you having difficulties achieving the required coolant purity with your filtration system?
  • The service life of your coolant is too short?
  • Your coolant system components are subject to abrasive wear?
  • Your filtration process is perhaps completely unsuitable for the contamination at hand?

Often, however, the filtration system is a "black box" within the cooling lubricant supply, of which one usually does not know exactly how the supplied cooling lubricant is composed (e.g. dirt load fraction) and which purity can be reliably expected after filtration. However, these filtration parameters are very important and have a significant influence on production. This circumstance usually leads to considerable problems when filtration-related quality defects or production stoppages occur. In addition, an oversized filtration system that is not designed to meet the requirements will result in additional costs for acquisition, operation and maintenance.
This does not have to be the case - our filtration professionals put your filtration system to the test.

Everything important summarized in our video:


As-is and potential analysis for your existing coolant filtration system

We have developed a standardized method for the in-depth and comprehensive analysis of filtration systems for cooling lubricant - the Coolant Audit F.
A Coolant Audit F takes place as an on-site visit to your production facility. Our filtration experts record all relevant variables and data on site. Our specialists evaluate and assess all the recorded data in detail, compare the actual supply situation with the target supply situation, and thus uncover supply deficits and optimization potential. In doing so, we go into detail - from volume flow to cleaning performance, we consider all aspects. In this way, we also solve existing problems in your cooling lubricant filtration system - sustainably and without compromising performance and reliability.


Catalog of measures for your filtration plant

At the end of each Coolant Audit F is the Coolant Audit Report, which provides you with detailed information about the identified performance reserves and existing problems at your filtration plant. In addition to the identified potential, we provide concrete solution and retrofit proposals to fully exploit the efficiency, reliability and cleaning performance of your filtration system and make your entire production more robust and efficient. We offer our Coolant Audit F for existing individual plants (Coolant Audit F1) and central plants (Coolant Audit F2). We explicitly address your specific problems with the coolant filtration system and deliver a solution that meets your requirements!








For existing facilities


For new procurements




Performance verification for decentralized filtration < 3 machines


Performance testing for central cooling lubricant systems > 3 machines



Selection/assessment of an optimal coolant filtration system for the customer


On site analysis


Find existing problems due to cooling lubricant contamination

Cooling lubricant purity classes and requirements

Required filtration capacity (dirt load/cooling lubricant quantity)

Analysis of the performance of the existing cooling lubricant filtration plant




Creation of specifications


Technical catalog of measures


Conversion planning (engineering concept)


Evaluation of different solution alternatives

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Parts list

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Request for Proposal

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Offer overview including evaluation in technical and financial terms

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Rapid information gathering

Product neutral support


Cost-optimized solution development

Clean comparability from a technical, financial and organizational perspective


All details


Our Coolant Audits F in detail





Demand-oriented design of your new coolant filtration system

Do you want a neutral and competent consultant to help you plan the cooling lubricant filtration system for your new production line? That's what we do! As an experienced cooling lubricant system service provider, we know exactly all the requirements for filtration systems for cooling lubricants. We provide you with neutral and impartial advice on the dimensioning of your new filtration system. We support you in the selection of a suitable filtration process and find the most efficient solution for your production. We carry out the design of your new filtration plant based on your filtration performance requirements, ensuring that the required coolant purity can be reliably achieved during operation. We take into account technical, financial as well as ecological aspects related to coolant filtration. Avoid unnecessary costs, e.g. due to oversizing or unnecessary plant components. For the new planning of your new single filtration plant we offer our Coolant Audit F3, for central plants the Coolant Audit F4.   
Our Coolant Audits F

We provide uncomplicated and professional assistance in optimizing and troubleshooting cooling lubricant filtration systems. Regardless of whether you are planning an existing plant or a new one, you will benefit from our extensive experience in all aspects of cooling lubricant filtration gained from numerous optimization projects. Your entire connected production will benefit from increased robustness and efficiency.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 02273/953730.

Procedure for a Coolant Audit F

1 Visit to your production environment

Our technicians will visit you with a complete measurement system and analyze your filtration tasks (dirt load, purity level etc.) on site.

2 Drawing up specifications

We draw up a selection of all filtration principles under consideration, incl. lubricoolant cooling systems, and check that they can be structurally integrated into your production environment.

3 Call for tenders

We will carry out the entire tendering process on your behalf, based on the specific requirements of your lubricoolant filtration system (specifications). The call for tenders is carried out anonymously.

4 Investment benchmark

Comparison of all tenders submitted in technical, economic and environmental terms, incl. tender assessment and creation of a ranking table.