Coolant Protectors – We Protect your Nozzles!

Product Advantages
  • optimum protection from abrasion wear
  • protection from damage during assembly/disassembly work

We can provide almost all nozzle geometries with wear protection. Here we differentiate between

1. Protection from Abrasion wear 
Wear plates optimally protect our lubricoolant nozzles against the abrasive effect of the exit jet which contains grinding grains and chips which rotates with the grinding wheel. For highly abrasive applications, the wear plates may be supplied with an ultra-hard wear protection coating depending on their geometrical design. 

2. Protection from Damage during Assembly/Disassembly Work
Our metal stabilizers protect the needles and hold them in a stable position. They may be used at nozzle ends and also in the middle of the needle length in the case of very long needles.

Our wear plates are available in all widths and geometries. We look forward to your enquiry!

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