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During grinding, material removal leads to loading of the grinding wheel surface. The pore spaces of the grinding wheel become clogged with machining residues, such as chips, and can no longer take up any lubricoolant. Besides this, the residues in the grinding wheel rim have a negative impact on the surface quality. Influencing factors are the process-related chip formation geometry and the material to be machined. If the level of loading on the grinding wheel surface is too high, the machining zone cannot be provided with sufficient lubricoolant. Combined with the considerable friction that is generated, this leads to grinding burn and surface defects. Tool life is likewise negatively affected, as any loading chips on the grinding wheel which have not been removed by means of flushing must be eliminated through dressing operations.

The use of special high-pressure cleaning nozzles from Grindaix for removing residues from the grinding wheel pores brings many benefits:

+Reduction of grinding burn risk
+Reduction of tool wear and increase in tool life
+Improved lubricoolant supply by saturating the flushed pores
+Increase in productivity
+Improvement in the surface quality of ground parts

Although at 20 bar, the operating pressure of Grindaix cleaning nozzles is still high – and this is necessary for achieving an optimum cleaning result – the nozzles only consume low volumes of lubricoolant.

When cleaning grinding wheels, the orientation of the cleaning nozzles is also important. There are many opinions when it comes to deciding whether to spray in or counter to the direction in which the grinding wheel is rotating, or else vertically onto the abrasive layer. Then there is the issue of whether to take one row of cleaning nozzles or several.

As an experienced engineering service provider, we can provide you with expert advice when it comes to selecting the right cleaning nozzle and the correct positioning thereof as well as when setting the volume flow and exit speed – especially customized to your grinding process and your grinding wheel specification.
Clean your tools in an optimum way with Grindaix nozzles and achieve higher productivity!


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Examples of Grindaix cleaning nozzles

Cleaning grinding wheels

Itemnumber.: RD-LP-55

Product advantages:

  • several lubricoolant high-pressure nozzles
  • cleaning the grinding wheel pores
  • flooding of the free pores with lubricoolant
  • increase in the service life of the grinding wheels


The cleaning nozzle RD-LP 55 is found in our product portfolio of high-pressure cleaning nozzles. Equipped with four flat-spray nozzles, they free the grinding wheel of chip residues and impurities in a reliable way. This not only improves the grinding result but also increases the service life of the grinding wheel. Free pores are additionally flooded with lubricoolant and this has a positive impact on the cooling effect in the machining zone. Despite their very good cleaning performance, our nozzles only consume low amounts of lubricoolant. These and other cleaning nozzles are available in all widths. We adapt the number of flat-spray nozzles to the required width. The spray pattern of our cleaning nozzles with Lechler inserts is shown as an example in the following product video:

Product video:

Gear tooth profile grinding

Itemnumber.: RD-LP-70

Product advantages:

  • use of several lubricoolant high-pressure nozzles
  • suitable for many grinding wheels
  • fully adjustable
  • easy assembly


Our high-pressure cleaning nozzle RD-LP 70 is a flexible solution for cleaning grinding wheels during gear tooth profile grinding. The nozzle applies lubricoolant to the grinding wheel from three sides at once. The jet angle and nozzle distances can be set flexibly and individually. This renders it very easy to adapt the cleaning nozzle to every grinding wheel geometry, thereby guaranteeing reliable cleaning of the pores. In spite of its very high cleaning performance and the high operating pressure, the RD-LP 70 only consumes approx. 50 litres of lubricoolant per minute. Find out more in our product video:

Product video: