Grindaix extinguishing nozzles

Product Advantages
  • Avoid spark formation
  • Bind dust and other dirt particles
  • Reduce dirt on the machine tool
  • Extend the service life of the machine tool
  • Render operation of the machine tool easier
  • Reduce the operators’ exposure to dust

Heavy spark formation often occurs during grinding processes.
A spark is a red-hot material particle which has taken up so much energy in the form of heat during machining that it begins to glow. Even sufficient cooling of the grinding zone is often not enough to prevent spark formation.

If heavy spark formation occurs in your machine tool, we recommend the use of extinguishing nozzles. These extinguish sparks reliably and also have a cooling effect on the part and the grinding wheel. By using an extinguishing nozzle, the material particles are bound in the lubricoolant. This is beneficial for several reasons:

+ Prevention of machine fires when using oil as a lubricoolant
+ Reduction in particle emissions (e.g. grinding dust) to the environment
+ Reduction in dirt and wear on the machine tool
+ Reduction in the machine operators’ exposure to particles
+ Particles collect centrally in the lubricoolant filtration system

Which pressure, which spray direction and which type of spray jet may be used to extinguish flying sparks in the most efficient way? We provide you with the answers.

We can produce a suitable extinguishing nozzle for your machine tool, customized to your grinding wheel and machine geometry in the form of a slotted nozzle. Grindaix extinguishing nozzles achieve the desired extinguishing effect even with low volumes of lubricoolant thanks to accurate orientation onto the spark jet. Upon request, we can equip your extinguishing nozzle with a coating to protect it from the highly abrasive effect of the spark jet and thus to increase its service life.

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  • avoids flying sparks behind the machine site
  • low lubricoolant consumption
  • low space requirement

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Examples of extinguishing nozzles

Flat grinding

Itemnumber.: LD-50

Product advantages:

  • avoid flying sparks in the machining site
  • low space requirement
  • low lubricoolant consumption
  • available in every width!


This Grindaix nozzle is assembled directly behind the machining site. The lubricoolant exits the nozzle via a small slot and extinguishes the sparks shortly after they are generated. In this way, the dust and dirt particles which form are immediately bound with coolant and guided to the lubricoolant filtration system. Dust pollution (e.g. grinding dust) in the air is reduced considerably and the cleanliness of the machine tool is also improved. Due to the targeted use of lubricoolant for extinguishing the sparks, the lubricoolant requirement is very low. The nozzles are available in various widths. For mounting we recommend our articulated metal joint system "gFlex".