GRX-X: One nozzle-all in

Product Advantages

One central nozzle instead of 12 different ones per grinding spindle!

  • 4 functions at a glance:
  1. Deflect air cushion
  2. Clean grinding wheel
  3. Soak sanding pad
  4. Cool grinding process
  • Supplies flat sides of the grinding wheel with coolant
  • No grinding burn during shoulder, face and profile grinding
  • Avoidance of clogging
  • Reduction of cycle time without grinding burn
  • Increased grinding wheel life

Especially when grinding shoulders and flat surfaces, long contact lengths occur between the grinding wheel and the component surface. The coolant supply is very difficult. With our patented solution approach, we achieve maximum supply of cooling lubricant to machining zones that are difficult to access.

With the help of the All-in-One nozzle technology, it is therefore possible to achieve a grinding burn-free and significant reduction in cycle time. In addition, an increase in the service life of the grinding tool is reliably achieved, especially for face shoulder, tool, flat profile, crankshaft, camshaft and gear profile grinding. The return on investment is always achieved within one year.

The nozzles can be made of wear-resistant stainless steel or titanium based alloys. The all-in-one nozzle GRX-X is suitable for use with oils and also water-based cooling lubricants (emulsions).

Including the nozzle-characteristic consumption curves per nozzle function chamber for use within a process-adaptive control of the cooling lubricant supply conditions (cycle and component-related).

The innovative nozzle combines 4 different nozzle functions simultaneously and time-parallel in one component.

  1. In a first step, the nozzle properly diverts the air cushion rotating with the grinding wheel via a targeted liquid jet. The liquid jet compensates for a wear-related radius loss of up to 6 mm in a process-safe manner during its wind discharge.
  2. A second nozzle stage cleans the grinding wheel coating from process-related clogging.
  3. In a third step, the now free bond pores of the grinding wheel coating are specifically impregnated with cooling lubricant.
  4. In the fourth and final functional step, the contact zone between the component and the grinding wheel is additionally supplied with cooling lubricant via a cooling nozzle.

One nozzle all in: One nozzle all in: air cushion removal / wheel cleaning / coating saturation / process cooling

  • Standardised and modular: can be adapted to any application without always having to buy new nozzles (modular system)
  • Common parts factor: reduces stock and error possibilities with regard to nozzle position, adjustment of the spray angle, etc.

Available for all grinding processes:

Especially useful for:

  • Grinding of flat shoulders
  • Angular plunge-cut grinding
  • Tool grinding
  • Surface/profile grinding
  • Gear profile grinding

Cooling lubricant supply data:

  • Cooling lubricant pressure: < 15bar (use of centrifugal pumps)
  • Cooling lubricant volume: depending on geometry - lowest consumption
  • Control of all 4 nozzle chambers via separate coolant supply or 2 pressure circuits possible
  • Adaptive control possible in combination with process signals (active power, etc...)
  • Suitable for frequency-controlled pumps or valve technology


  • Interface to the machine via a gFlex system
  •  Alternatively: construction of a machine-specific fixed attachment

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