Flexible articulated metal tube system – gFlex

Product Advantages
  • Pressure stability and leak-tightness up to a lubricoolant pressure of 50 bar
  • Minimum pressure losses
  • Simple handling due to mechanically pre-tensioned basic elements
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Modular design, variable combinations
  • May be combined with all Grindaix needle nozzles
  • Incl. gFlex characteristic curve and connection for the Coolant Display

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gFlex – The articulated metal tube system from Grindaix GmbH was specially developed for lubricoolant supply in CNC grinding machines. Thanks to its special structure, the gFlex articulated metal tube has optimum flow properties and maximum flexibility. In this way, the pipe friction resistance in the gFlex articulated metal tube is kept to a minimum.

The articulated metal tube has position stability up to an operating pressure of 50 bar. In spite of the low bending radius of r=60 mm, the articulated metal tube has an internal cross-section of up to 12.4 mm and thus ensures maximum volume flow at minimum pressure loss. The special design of the articulated metal tube makes assembly simple, as the basic elements have already been mechanically pre-tensioned, thereby rendering alignment in the grinding machine considerably easier. The gFlex components may be combined with each other in a highly variable way. The gFlex product range encompasses a multitude of adapters as an interface for your grinding machine. Besides this, the articulated metal tube system is compatible with all Grindaix nozzles, so that by combining our nozzles and feed solutions we can achieve an optimum supply situation for your machining task.

All products supplied by Grindaix are compatible with Industry 4.0 applications and thus the gFlex articulated metal tube is likewise available with pressure sensor connection and characteristic curves for all tube system lengths. In this way, you have the opportunity to use the gFlex articulated metal tube with lubricoolant measuring and control systems such as the  Coolant Display. With the aid of gFlex characteristic curves, you can correctly set the supply of the Grindaix nozzle based on the volume flow required for your process.

All this renders gFlex an optimum articulated metal tube system for all machine tools in the area of grinding and beyond. We would be happy to generate an individual quotation for your machining facility.

The Grindaix flexible articulated metal tube system gFlex

  • ensures maximum volume flow at minimum pressure loss
  • has maximum flexibility
  • is compatible with all Grindaix nozzles & Industry 4.0 applications
  • is pressure stable (up to 50 bar)

We would be happy to generate an individual quotation for your machining facility.

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Overview of the gFlex components

Basic elements (01)

basic element L=50mm gFlex-M-01-050

basic element L=80mm gFlex-M-01-080

basic element L=120mm

basic element L=150mm

Angle pieces

Anglepiece 90°

Anglepiece 45

Anglepiece 45°

Pressure intake (may be used up to 10 bar)

Nozzles (03)

Needle nozzle 45mm ND-45-gFlex

Needle nozzle 85mm ND-85-gFlex

Adapter on G 1/4" (Lechleradapter)

Round nozzle Ø2,0-8,0mm

Angle nozzle 45° Ø6mm

Angle nozzle 90° Ø6mm

Adapter on the nozzle site

Adapter machine side

Adapter G 1/2" (nozzle side)

Adapter G 3/8" (nozzle side)

Adapter G 3/8" (machine side)

Quick changer G 3/8" (machine side)

Quick pressure changer (machine side)

Adapter G 1/2" (machine side)

The gFlex assembly lengths:

The individual gFlex elements have a certain length. If the elements are put together, there are naturally small overlaps which have an effect on the total length of the design. To better plan the articulated metal tubes, we have compiled an overview of assembly lengths for you. With the aid of this overview, you can more easily determine the required gFlex elements for your application.

gFlex assembly lengths overview(PDF)

gFlex in action:

ND-45-gFlex in detail:

Product advantages:

  • 45 mm supply width
  • variable connection possibility via two supply apertures
  • easy assembly
  • compatible with the Grindaix Coolant Pointer and Coolant Display
  • long service life

The ND-gFlex is one of our newly developed standard needle nozzles. It is available in supply widths of 45 mm and 85 mm. The structure allows it to be fastened both on the side and from above. The nozzle apertures (on the side and below) are suitable for either supplying lubricoolant or to connect the nozzle with a Grindaix Coolant Display. The assembled needle nozzles are compatible with the Grindaix Coolant Pointer for the precise and laser-supported orientation of the gFlex nozzle onto the machining site. The compact design also enables the nozzle to be used in particularly tight machine sections.

Product catalogue (Download)

We have summarized all articulated metal tube elements and facts in our gFlex product catalogue:

Should you have any questions regarding the gFlex system, you can reach our team by calling +49 (0) 2273 - 95373 21 or by sending an email to gflex@grindaix.de.