Coolant Display - A real-time display unit showing lubricoolant exit speed, pressure and volume flow

Product Advantages
  • Easy to fit and use - attach pressure sensor, switch on and read out! 
  • grindaix pressure sensor included
  • Can be used with all lubricoolant nozzles Receive grindaix nozzle data e.g. by e-mail Just upload via USB interface - done!
  • Includes magnetic holder for attaching to machine housings
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The lubricoolant supply within the machine tool plays an important role in achieving a stable production process. For an optimum supply of lubricoolant to the machining zone the

  • lubricoolant volume and
  • lubricoolant exit speed

must be adapted to the process. If the lubricoolant volume is too low, the part may suffer thermal damage (e.g. grinding burn). Considerable heat generation also subjects the tool (e.g. grinding wheel) to greater stress, which may cause it to wear faster. If there is an oversupply of lubricoolant, the part may begin to “float” and become non-round. The lubricoolant exit speed is a decisive factor in ensuring that sufficient lubricoolant enters into the machining zone. If the lubricoolant exit speed is too low, an air cushion on the grinding wheel may prevent the lubricoolant from reaching the machining zone. Do you know the lubricoolant exit conditions on your lubricoolant nozzle?

Displays in German/English

L x W x H: 153 x 130 x 37 mm
Housing: IP 68 (waterproof)

Power supply: 24V DC, 6W, use only supplied mains adaptor supplied

Device socket: ODU Mini-Snap (cable included)

Input: analogue, [0(4)...20] mA Pressure range: selectable as per DIN (e.g. 0-10 bar) grindaix nozzle data exchange: via USB interface

Display: 3.5” resistive touch panel, full colour, resolution: 240 x 320

Flyer Coolant Display pdf 265 KB download

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