Easily configure your digitisation

We supply you with an easy to install and modular, freely scalable, sensor-independent plug&play monitoring system for simple Digitization of your existing machines!

We focus on the monitoring of all measured variables within your production periphery, as well as the supply of the production machines. machines with operating and auxiliary materials.

By operating material system we understand your complete supply periphery of all connected operating material consumers such as production machines, filling plants, automation plants and production-accompanying machine technology.



  •   when (traceable recording 1Hz)
  •   how much of which operating fluid (volume flow in l/min)
  •   at which point (machine/line, ...)
  •   under which conditions (temperature, pressure, …)
  •   in which state (pH value, conductance, concentration, …)

flows, helps you to operate your production systems more efficiently in the future.

Data visualization

With the Grindaix software solution you can keep track of all your existing machines for all operating materials!

Store data

Nothing gets lost. We secure your data on your GRX server, also against external access.

Your data analysis

We enable our customers to apply optimizations in production, with the help of artificial intelligence as quickly as possible.

The often used term "Industry 4.0" is made possible with this system solution in a simple, practical and requirement-oriented way and integrated into your industrial practice of fuel supply.

This results in multiple advantages for the user with regard to the reduction of non-productive times such as fuel consumption and the reduction of the number of hours of operation.
system-related machine breakdowns, the reduction of scrap production, the reduction of environmental taxes on the basis of future CO2 taxation, etc.

With this system solution, the implementation of a "predictive maintenance" approach to anticipatory maintenance organization is incorporated into the supply of operating materials to your production units. Wear-related failures of operating material system components such as pumps, valves
and pipelines can be predicted in a predictable manner, so that production downtimes can be minimized.

The Grindaix Monitoring System monitors the supply of all operating materials of any kind. We take into account your already installed sensor technology as well as the easy integration of your desired new sensor solutions for a meaningful condition monitoring.

It's that easy

Your benefit of a system configuration

  • Concretely formulated and graphic overview of your digitisation needs
  • Error-free basis for discussion with our technicians
  • Graphically prepared presentation of your digitization project for your internal meetings
  • Receipt of offer after 48h

Do you have questions or need help?

Our contact persons are always available to answer any questions you may have. Simply fill out the contact form at the bottom and send it to us.

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