From planning to commissioning

From the conception of your digitization project, through consulting on the professional selection of sensors, the installation of hardware and software on site, the commissioning together with your technicians, the training and instruction of your employees in the production monitoring system as well as the later extension of the monitoring system to other existing or new machines, we are happy to offer you all this. It is important for you to get expert and technically professional advice on all your options, even if this means that you will not purchase some of the products you need from us. Our priority is to provide our customers with a scalable, modular digitizing system for production machines with a measurable benefit.

Strategy-roadmap for successful condition monitoring

         1. Planning


2. Installation of
    sensor technology


3. Installation
    digitization package


4. Commissioning



1. Planning

We will visit you at your company, record your current digitization status and your requirements for your desired digitization technology. During an on-site appointment we will assess possible installation locations of your desired sensor technology, locations of the hardware components, determine the cabling options together with you, check accessibility and implementation options for the installation of the entire Grindaix digitisation package. Together with your colleagues, we discuss the IT connection options as well as the option of using an IT-independent pilot system. The pre-visit is initially free of charge and will only be invoiced if you place an order later.

2. Installation of sensor technology

In close coordination with your maintenance department, we can take over the installation of all new sensors you require and the use (connection) of existing sensors. In doing so, we check feasibility, options for action and advise you on the implementation of mechanical work. The provision of digital signals from your machine controls, such as machine ON/OFF/in production / cycle type, component number, ...) is carried out by the customer in coordination with our technicians.


Optional steps - Training your employees

Our system is basically designed in such a way that our customers with practical experience can intuitively understand the Grindaix hardware and software solutions and operate them immediately. Detailed documentation as well as installation videos accompany and support your installation questions before, during and after installation. On request, we offer you a detailed training of your employees in your company. Furthermore, your employees can be trained in depth in our in-house training courses in the use of this digitalization technology. A Grindaix Monitoring Hotline is at your disposal for further questions.

3. Installation digitization package

On request, we can take over the installation and cabling of all hardware components as well as the corresponding connection of the previously installed sensors and digital signals provided by the customer. In doing so, we use your electrotechnical infrastructure such as cable ducts, cable shafts and document the electrical installation according to your specifications. We are happy to coordinate with your on-site maintenance department.


4. Commissioning

During commissioning, all sensors you require for each machine are reproducibly addressed in the Grindaix server. The addressing is documented in an address protocol. Afterwards you carry out the sensor parameterisation, define the limit values for each individual sensor, define the corresponding error signals via the evaluation software in the supplied and pre-installed Grindaix software package (Dash Board) and then check the connection of your additional digital input and output signals for each machine. Finally, we carry out a plausibility check in which we check the data output values and display of all installed sensors.




The Grindaix team offers you a continuously scalable, modular digitisation system for industrial condition monitoring. Our complete digitisation solution for your condition monitoring does not require any further hardware or software components. The system is delivered ready for installation. The industry-oriented monitoring of your production machines with sensors, regardless of whether they are existing or new machines, is our daily business. As a professional supplier in the market (spin-off from the RWTH Aachen University) with 20 years of practical experience, we provide you with process monitoring at the highest level and state-of-the-art technology. We are also happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the connection of AI-based optimization tools, together with our partner companies and the RWTH Aachen University.

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