Condition Monitoring

The reliable digitization of your existing machines

With only a few attachments of our standardized monitoring modular system you can acquire, store and analyze any signal data of all industrial sensors (0-10V or 4-20 mA) with a sampling rate of 1 Hz and thus very quickly enable or extend professional process monitoring (incl. error output). It is irrelevant whether the sensors have already been installed, are built into your machines or are retrofitted during the installation of our digitalization system.

The system offers you the possibility to professionally record data completely independent of machine and plant manufacturers. It is very easy to install and can be scaled as required. The Grindaix Condition Monitoring can either be operated independently, with its own IT infrastructure, or connected directly to your IT environment via a standardised OPC-UA interface. In addition, customers can connect additional sensors at any time and integrate their signals into the Grindaix system.

The first step is to install a so-called Condition Guard on each existing machine. The Condition Guard is used to record and digitise analogue sensor signals. It offers 6 analogue slots + 1 PT 100 slot + 6 digital inputs (machine on/off status signals, ...) + 4 digital outputs (error messages, ...). All data are transmitted to a Grindaix server (GRX server) via a supplied IT network. The Grindaix GRX-Server, as an industrial cabinet system, contains on the one hand a completely configured server including display unit (touch display) for a pre-configured Grindaix monitoring software package (dashboard) as well as the fully installed hardware for connecting the Grindaix Condition-Guards. The system is immediately ready for use after simple parameterization of the sensor signals. Annoying programming efforts are not necessary.

Your digitizing system from 0,15 € / operating hour and machine!





Your advantages at a glance

Modular system "plug&play"

Prefabricated modular system for direct installation. No programming effort. The sensors to be connected are parameterized, limit values per sensor defined - done!


Delivery time from 6 weeks

After completing the configuration of your digitisation package we
prepare your offer in 24h. After receipt of order we deliver the goods,
depending on the volume, with a delivery time from 6 weeks to your company.

On-site installation service

Either the customer installs the digitisation system on his own or he uses
the Europe-wide installation service of our partner companies including commissioning, training and Orientation.



The investment in a complete digitalization package and amounts with > 15 machines e.g. up to 8.500,-€/machine converted to 24/7 use of our system on 220 days/year over 10 years your machine hourly rate increases exemplarily by only approx. 0,15€.

Your full-service package

Grindaix offers you not only an easily scalable modular system, but also the most professional digitisation technology for all existing machines, the associated software solution and an on-site installation service. In addition, we differentiate ourselves in the market through our comprehensive know-how within the production technology. We support you in the implementation of your digitisation strategy, from the professional selection of new and connection of existing sensor technology to the use of data collected by Grindaix in your further IT system solutions.

Application example

The professional production ECG for all industrial sectors!

We diagnose possible technical weaknesses of your production system in advance, even before any damage can occur. In this way we increase the robustness and availability of your production unit. Reliable and safely plannable production is the future guarantee for the economically successful continuation of your production. The Grindaix Monitoring System is suitable for production units of all kinds and does not differentiate according to sensor type, measured variable or installation location. The customer enjoys maximum flexibility when installing his selected sensor technology. We do the rest! All signal data of common industrial analog sensors are combined by the customer at a central location as a standardized data type via the freely configurable Grindaix digitizing system and made available via an OPC-UA interface.

Example: A customer owns 5 machine tools. He selects on average 7 sensor signals per machine according to his own requirements and configures his digitizing system online for this purpose. He selects the monitoring of 3 x coolant pressure, 3 x coolant volume flow, 1 x coolant temperature. He also provides 3 digital signals (machine on/off/in production) for each machine. The team Grindaix checks the customer configuration, advises on the implementation of the project and, after clarification of all questions, prepares an offer within 24 hours. The customer orders the goods and after only 7 weeks installs the received digitalisation technology on his own. The team Grindaix accompanies the commissioning on site, instructs the employees in the handling of the hardware system as well as the operating software and trains the customer in his independent extension of the digitisation system with any sensors for further machines.

Chemical process engineering

Consumer goods industry



Everything from one source




We have the most professional experience in the field of production engineering and have been producing high-quality assistance systems for manufacturing companies for decades. We are specialized in the optimization or conversion of operating material supply systems of your production machines as well as the technical, economical and ecological design of production systems according to your needs.

Or to put it simply: With the technical solutions of Grindaix you avoid any waste of operating and auxiliary materials in production engineering!

  • On-site installation service (plug&play)
  • Engineering/consulting services for sensor selection and integration, predictive maintenance, use of artificial intelligence for production engineering

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