Coolant Control Pad - now you can control your pumps and valves according to exact requirements

Product Advantages
  • Nozzles are supplied according to exact need (process, cycle)
  • Exact regulation for each nozzle
  • Most energy-efficient lubricoolant supply according to need
  • Calculates pump consumption data (volume flow, energy consumption)
  • Pump and/or valve control according to need
  • Adequate system speed (integrated real-time system)
  • Link to machine control system
  • Set values can be fed into processing (PLC)
  • Application memory

Where energy saving and the use of resources in more exact accordance to need are increasingly significant considerations, the intelligent control of machine tool aggregates is of ever greater importance. The Coolant Control Pad offers control of frequency-regulated pumps and control valves in accordance with current need and enables individual pressure control to the lubricoolant nozzle at every lubricoolant consumption point, thereby also controlling the lubricoolant exit speed and volume flow. This unit automatically controls how much lubricoolant is delivered at which point and at what time.

Consisting of a real-time system and innovative calculation software, the Coolant Control Pad can control any given nozzle on the basis of any of the parameters of pressure, exit speed or volume flow. Lubricoolant exit speed is a particularly significant parameter for machining processes, while pressure data is less decisive. The set value is stored in the machine’s processing software and sent via an interface to the lubricoolant control module, which in turn specifies the exact valve or pump settings. As a result, exactly the right quantity of lubricoolant is always fed to the process, at the right time, and with minimum energy consumption.

The Coolant Control Pad can accept manual inputs via a separate display unit or be set to operate entirely as a black box that purely processes the set values sent from the machine controllers. Before the process begins it can calculate the pressures and pump capacities that are required to achieve the desired exit speed.

Coolant Control Pad - the lubricoolant control module

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