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bore-, surface-, cylindrical grinding
CNC 235
KSS Demand
Grinding Burn
Grinding wheel wear
Reduction of coolant181 l/min98 l/min
Reduction of energy / year63.500 kWh9.500 kWh

The main problems with the audited facility were the short life of corundum grinding wheels on spindle 2 (bore grinding) and the resulting set-up times. However, it was possible to successfully implement an improvement in the lubricoolant nozzle technology for all 3 grinding operations after the audit. The cost reductions resulting from the improved life of tools, productivityand lower waste rates resulted in an extremely short return of investment (ROI).

* This is an exemplary application. This optimization is application-specific and not necessarily transferable to all machines of this type.

This package includes the following parts:

needle nozzle flex
needle nozzle flex
grindaix needle nozzle ND-Flex_G
needle nozzle for internal grinding
needle nozzle for internal grinding
grindaix needle nozzle for internal grinding
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Procedure for a Retrofit Package

1 Coolant Audit

Analysis of machine(s) on site (approx. 5 h per machine) during productive operation. Analysis of pipework in machine room - machine offline just 1 hour. Determination of savings and optimisation potential.

2 Engineering / Composition of Retrofit Kit

Presentation of your current lubricoolant situation, incl. potentials (€/kWh/[l/min]), technical recommendation of retrofit measures and parts list.

3 Retrofit

Installation of grindaix retrofit kit into your machine tool incl. all mechanical/mechatronic work CE conformity, documentation amendments, liability.

4 Commisioning

Test of possible improvements with regard to productivity (cycle time), tool life, energy consumption, lubricoolant savings (verification).