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JUNKERJucam 5002/20S

cam shaft grinding
Jucam 5002/20S
KSS Demand
Grinding Burn
Grinding wheel wear
Reduction of coolant152 l/min66 l/min
Reduction of energy / year98.960 kWh25.098 kWh

The customer achieves the desired qualities of the component with the current lubricoolant supply. There are no acute processing problems. The lubricoolant supply of the cutting point is more than sufficient; there is still further potential for saving.Compared to the current pressure adjustment via control valves, high amounts of energy and overall lubricoolant can be saved using the Grindaix conversion kit (frequency-controlled pump (FC) - adapting to pressure curves per cycle).

* This is an exemplary application. This optimization is application-specific and not necessarily transferable to all machines of this type.

This package includes the following parts:

frequency converter / pump
frequency converter / pump
frequency converter / pump
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Procedure for a Retrofit Package

1 Coolant Audit

Analysis of machine(s) on site (approx. 5 h per machine) during productive operation. Analysis of pipework in machine room - machine offline just 1 hour. Determination of savings and optimisation potential.

2 Engineering / Composition of Retrofit Kit

Presentation of your current lubricoolant situation, incl. potentials (€/kWh/[l/min]), technical recommendation of retrofit measures and parts list.

3 Retrofit

Installation of grindaix retrofit kit into your machine tool incl. all mechanical/mechatronic work CE conformity, documentation amendments, liability.

4 Commisioning

Test of possible improvements with regard to productivity (cycle time), tool life, energy consumption, lubricoolant savings (verification).