GRX-Q Flow Sensor – Volume Flow Sensor for Oils and Lubricoolant Emulsions

Product Advantages
  • Easy assembly
  • Wear-free
  • High precision
  • Grindaix CMS-compatible (plug & play)
  • Suitable for every oil and emulsion
  • Visual function display
  • 3 sizes: <125 l/min, <250 l/min, <450 l/min

In many places, the volume flow measurement in lubricoolant systems occurs only rarely via external measuring devices, or it takes place manually.  To monitor the lubricoolant supply of machine tools in future, robust volume flow sensors are indispensable in the context of the Industry 4.0 initiative.  However, due to contamination of the lubricoolant, volume flow sensors available on the market are often highly prone to wear and thus cost-intensive.

As an alternative to the use of measurement technology that is susceptible to wear, the team at Grindaix GmbH has developed an almost wear-free volume-flow sensor for lubricoolants. It is based on a report on the “Venturi Effect” published by Giovanni Battista in 1797.

With the aid of innovative 3D printing technology, a reliable sensor has been developed which offers this measuring effect with only low pressure losses for the lubricoolant supply of machine tools. The measuring principe combines excellent wear strength with very high measurement reliability (<6%) at low pressure loss. To record the measurement values no moving parts required in the medium. This leads to a robust and durable volume flow sensor.

To show the volume flow, we recommend the use of our “Coolant Display”. The sensor was developed for various volume flow classes. The smallest sensor measures in the range of < 125 l/min.

By August 2017, other designs for additional measurement ranges and connection dimensions are scheduled to be brought to market.

GRX-Q is suitable for almost all wear-free volume flow measurements of nearly all fluids. Each sensor leaves Grindaix after undergoing a test operation for determining the exact product characteristic curve.


Connection flange DN25 / DN32

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