Lubricoolant protective filtration – purest performance

Product Advantages
  • Reliable filtration of your lubricoolant supply
  • Filtration quality up to 20 µm (nominal)
  • Economical to procure and operate
  • Low space requirements
  • Low maintenance
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To achieve cost-efficient operation of each lubricoolant system, filtration plays a considerable role in ensuring functionality and reliability. For this reason, high demands are placed on lubricoolant filtration systems in terms of their performance, reliability, availability and operating costs. Yet designing lubricoolant filtration systems is anything but easy. Here, parameters such as flow volumes, pressures, required lubricoolant purity as well as the cycle time and maintenance intervals play a central role in the choice of the filtration system.

A good filtration system not only cleans the lubricoolant but also extends the service life of pumps and machine tools. Inadequate lubricoolant filtration systems often lead to undesired deposits or to wear within the lubricoolant facility (e.g. in pipes or valves). Lubricoolant nozzles also profit from lower lubricoolant contamination.

The Grindaix team provides you with a comprehensive service when it comes to lubricoolant filtration – ranging from our Coolant Audit F, during which we scrutinize your existing filtration facility, to the redesign and assembly of a new needs-based lubricoolant filtration system which is still in the planning stage. To achieve this, we cooperate with the renowned filter manufacturer Boll & Kirch Filterbau GmbH.

The filtration engineering services of our experts always encompass a customer-specific system design. Upon request, you can receive a comprehensive solution, comprising complete design, manufacture, supply, assembly/ set up and start up at your company. Furthermore, training your employees, carrying out documentation changes and offering comprehensive maintenance and repair complete our offer.

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Examples of coolant filters

Protection filtration, Q < 300 l/min, from 20 µm (nominal)

Itemnumber: GRX 6.04 DN40

Product advantages:

  • reliable filtration of your lubricoolant supply
  • filtration quality: 20-500 µm (nominal)
  • differential-pressure-controlled backwashing
  • 1200 cm2 of filter surface


With the aid of the technology from the filtration specialist Boll & Kirch Filterbau GmbH, also located in Kerpen, Germany, the Grindaix team has developed an efficient, cost-effective and simple solution for protective filtration in your lubricoolant system. The automatic protection filter 6.04 is primarily characterized by its low space requirement and low procurement and operating costs while still delivering the same high level of filtration performance. This lubricoolant filter is thus a useful, easy-to-implement addition to your lubricoolant system for protecting the machine tool and your components – not only from an economic standpoint. In spite of the compact design, filtration of impurities in the lubricoolant is guaranteed in the range of 20µm - 500 µm with the aid of 8 fabric filter candles. The connection of the protection filter is provided with a nominal size of DN 40. Differential pressure control and backwashing with pure lubricoolant enable the filter to clean the filter candles fully automatically. The Grindaix team would be happy to advise you during the design, planning and assembly of your protection filtration system.

Protection/bypass filtration, Q<1200 l/min, from 20 µm (nominal)

Itemnumber: GRX 6.64 DN125

Product advantages:

  • reliable filtration of your lubricoolant supply
  • filtration quality: 20-150 µm (nominal)
  • differential-pressure-controlled backwashing
  • low space requirement


The GRX 6.64 is a lubricoolant system filter which is designed for the filtration of lubricoolant (emulsion or oil) in your production. Ensuring constant conditions in process supply, irrespective of the filtration or backwashing situation in the filter facility, is an essential requirement of a lubricoolant filtration system. The filtration specialist Boll & Kirch Filterbau GmbH has developed an automatic filter specially for use under such conditions. We, as a lubricoolant system specialist, design and plan this technology to suit your production needs and implement it into your existing lubricoolant facility. The automatic filter GRX 6.64 attains a filtration quality of between 20µm and 150µm (nominal), which may be set according to your requirements. Filtration is achieved via fabric filter candles, with the filter always reserving one cleaned candle for backwashing. The backwash process is triggered by means of differential pressure or time control and is fully automatic. The supply with cleaned lubricoolant is continually guaranteed via the reserve filter candle, so that the system pressure remains almost constant. We provide the connection of our automatic filter GRX 6.64 with a nominal size of between DN 100 and DN 400.


DN 100

DN 125

DN 150

DN 200

DN 250

DN 350

DN 400

Pressure stage

PN 16

PN 16

PN 16

PN 16

PN 10

PN 10

PN 10

Number of chambers (in operation)








Sieve candles/p>








Sieve surface in operation[cm2]








Weight, empty [kg]








Filling volume [l]








The Grindaix team is your experienced partner when designing, planning and implementing your high-performance lubricoolant system and is looking forward to your inquiry!